Oxygen Cylinder Filling

The Service Center is the Midwest’s leading provider of U.S.P. medical oxygen cylinder services. We feel proud to say that we currently fill over 1.4 million cylinders annually for over 300 customers and we maintain greater than 50% market share in those markets we’ve been servicing for three or more years. In addition to oxygen cylinder transfilling, we also perform in-house DOT approved hydrostatic testing. This is unique to the industry and allows us to maintain full control over your oxygen cylinders and provide you with 100% cylinder reconciliation. This means that we will return the exact number of cylinders we pick up. We feel proud of our success in the markets we service which we attribute to the following:

  • A clear understanding of the Medical industry
  • Industry leading service backed by the industry’s only Cylinder Services Guarantee
  • Competitive pricing

We are proud to only service the medical community and as such, we understand the unique needs of our medical oxygen customers. In an effort to bring you the best oxygen cylinder service in the industry, we feel proud to offer you the first of its kind Cylinder Services Guarantee:

  • Clean cylinders — Guaranteed!
  • Delivery when promised — Guaranteed!
  • Zero lost cylinders — Guaranteed!
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We also feel proud to tell you about additional competitive advantages that you will see only from The Service Center.

99.8% Customer Retention

We feel proud to say that we have achieved 99.8% customer retention over the past 4 years so you can feel confident in our service capabilities.

No Long-term Binding Contracts with Regular Price Increases

We will not ask you to sign extended service contracts with regular price increases. We feel you should stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

No Surcharge Fees

You can feel comfortable that we will not bill you for any hidden compliance, energy or other surcharge fees.

Back-up System

We maintain a back-up generator to ensure you receive your cylinders during power outages. This is critical given the tight cylinder inventory most companies carry.

In-house Hydrostatic Testing and Cylinder Repairs

We perform hydrostatic testing of medical oxygen cylinder in-house whereas our competition sends your cylinders out to a third party for testing. By performing in-house testing, we can return your cylinders much more quickly and offer 100% cylinder reconciliation. This will reduce your cylinder losses and purchases. Our competition cannot do this.

Holiday Planning

We are open for Holiday deliveries and we work with you to plan your Holiday deliveries. This minimizes any disruption to your patients.

Dedicated Quality and Compliance Manager

We have an in-house Compliance Manager in JP Deaton who will personally respond to any quality or compliance questions or concerns.

Cylinders on Demand Program

New cylinders will be kept onsite ready to deliver to support you in meeting patient needs (This program can be combined with the Emergency Preparedness Plan). If required, delivery will be made same day.

Simplified Lot Number Tracking

At The Service Center, we fill in minimum 100 cylinder batches. This allows us to minimize the number of lot numbers which simplifies your compliance tracking requirements.

Filling to Maximum Allowed Pressure

Certain sizes of portable aluminum oxygen cylinders may be filled to 2216 vs. 2015 PSI. Unlike many cylinder fillers, we will fill these cylinders in separate batches thus allowing us to fill each cylinder to the maximum allowed pressure which will save you money.

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