Liquid Oxygen Filling

The Service Center is pleased to offer the following liquid oxygen filling services to compliment our cylinder filling and equipment repair product line offering:

  • Liquid oxygen home stationary unit filling

  • Large cryogenic dewer filling

  • Truck mounted vessel filling

By outsourcing the filling of liquid oxygen stationary home units or large cryogenic vessels to us, our customers are able to avoid the associated compliance training, headaches and risks. You can feel confident in our expertise and in knowing that these cryogenic vessels will be filled in the safest and most compliant way.

In addition to stationary home units and large cryogenic vessels, many customers will have their truck mounted vessels filled at our location by our qualified staff.

Why Companies use The Service Center for Liquid Oxygen Stationary and Large Cryogenic Filling

  • Allows Home Medical Equipment companies to more easily develop a liquid oxygen product line offering for their referrals (no Medicare Capped Rental)
  • Provides multi-location Home Medical Equipment companies a cost effective solution for the filling of liquid oxygen home units
  • Allows skilled nursing facilities a solution to meet their patient liquid oxygen needs
  • Significantly reduces FDA training and compliance risk associated with filling liquid home stationary units
  • We will check all units for proper function and our expert repair department will perform repairs as necessary
  • We rent and sell liquid oxygen home units and large cryogenic vessels

Note: We do not perform curbside filling. Instead, we will pick-up, fill, and deliver back filled liquid oxygen stationary units to one of your company locations. This is a cost effective approach because it leverages our liquid oxygen filling and your distribution expertise.

Why Companies use The Service Center for Truck Mounted Vessel Filling

  • We utilize quick-fill technology and hoses which significantly reduces fill time
  • You do not have to call in advance
  • Our Filling staff is very responsive and provides excellent customer service
  • We are open for Holidays
  • No long term contracts

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