Manufacturer Warranty Agreements

At The Service Center, we feel proud to represent all major manufacturers to perform oxygen concentrator, liquid oxygen and CPAP/BIPAP warranty repairs. In fact, we are excited to say that we have more oxygen concentrator manufacturer warranty agreements than any other independent service organization in the country! You can feel comfortable knowing that our service technicians are factory trained, have extensive experience and are said to be the best in the industry.

Oxygen Concentrators:
  • Mobilaire
  • IRC5LX
  • IRC6LX
  • Platinum 5
  • Platinum 10
  • Platinum XL
  • Perfect 02
Liquid Oxygen:
  • Mobilaire 1L-40L Liquid Stationary
Invacare Homefill
Oxygen Concentrators:
  • Alliance
  • Millennium
  • M10 Millennium
  • Everflo
  • UltraFill
  • EverGO
Oxygen Concentrators:
  • Endur02 Concentrator
Oxygen Concentrators:
  • Mark 5
  • Nuvo
  • Nuvo Lite
  • Nuvo Q
  • Nuvo QV
  • Nuvo 8
Oxygen Concentrators:
  • Chad Total O2
  • Note: We are authorized to perform hydrostatic testing for Total O2 cylinders
Oxygen Concentrators:
  • Integra
  • Integra Ez
  • Eclipse Oxygen System
  • Eclipse 2 Oxygen System
  • Eclipse 3 Oxygen System

In addition to the above manufacturers and equipment, we also service the following:


Oxygen Concentrators:303 DS/DZ, 505 DS/DZ, 515 DS/DZ, 515 ADS/ADZ, MC 44, MC 64, MC 84
Liquid Oxygen Stationary Units:Grandair, Pulsair, Stationair

Nellcor Puritan Bennett

Oxygen Concentrators: 492A, 590, 590 Aeris
Liquid Oxygen Stationary Units: C21, C31, C41, Helios 36L, Helios 46L
Liquid Oxygen Portable Units: H300, C500, C550, Marathon 850, C1000, Companion T


Oxygen Concentrators: All New Life Models (Dual Flow, Ecocheck, Elite, Intensity, and Quiet Life)


Oxygen Concentrators: Breeze, Quiet One
Stationary Units: Liberator 10-60L, Low Loss 32L, 41L
Liquid Oxygen Portable Units: Sprint, Spirit 300, Stroller


Liquid Oxygen Stationary Units: All Models 20-55L
Liquid Oxygen Portable Units: All Models

Glenn Medical

Oxygen Concentrators: Aero 590

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