Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Service Center different from other cylinder fillers?

Our management team consists of HME veterans so we understand the industry and its challenges. We only service the medical community and we partner with our customers to provide extra value wherever we can which has led to our 99.8% customer retention rate. We are the only company in the industry to offer a Cylinder Service Guarantee. Unlike our competition, we do not believe in long term binding contracts. This ensures you receive the best service at the most competitive price at all times. We also perform in-house hydrostatic testing which means we can deliver you back the same number of cylinders that we pick up (100% cylinder reconciliation). In addition, we can perform all your concentrator, liquid oxygen and CPAP equipment warranty and non-warranty repairs.

I want to use The Service Center, but we are in a long-term contract with our current provider. Is there any way we can get out of our current agreement?

Unfortunately, traditional industry cylinder fillers lock companies into long term contracts with frequent price increases and they include automatic contract rollover language. We hear people complain of this practice all the time. We believe service and pricing should win and keep the business.

If you are under contract, we recommend you consider doing the following:

1. Review your current agreement for contract length, automatic rollover terms, and notice requirements.

2. Assess your cylinder fillerís service performance levels to ensure you are receiving good service. If performance is poor, you may have cause to terminate the contract.

3. Check your files to see if you have sent in a ďtermination letterĒ to avoid automatic roll-over provisions.

4. Contact your current cylinder filler to negotiate out of your contract early. Some fillers may accommodate this (1) in order to maintain your bulk oxygen (2) because they want to maintain service with your other locations and/or (3) they donít want to maintain the relationship.

5. If you havenít already done so, send in a termination letter to avoid automatic contract renewal/rollover. Call or email us if you would like a sample copy of this letter.

6. Contact your current cylinder filler to negotiate out of your contract early.

What is the most important thing I could do right now if Iím currently under contract with my cylinder filler?

Send in a termination notice to your current oxygen filler to prevent automatic rollover. We recommend doing this regardless if you are 1 month or 30 months into your agreement. Unfortunately, traditional industry practice is to include automatic rollover language unless twelve month advance notice is given. Many providers tell us they think their contract is expiring and then they find out too late their contract contains these provisions. Call us if you would like a sample termination letter.

If we are currently in a long term contract with an oxygen filler, can The Service Center still provide any value?

Yes, there are many ways we can still provide value. For instance, if you receive a price increase from your provider, we can provide you with competitive pricing that will allow you to negotiate with your current provider and in most instances they will forego any price increase. We can also perform hydrostatic testing of your cylinders to save you money. And, we can perform concentrator, liquid portable and home unit, and CPAP/BIPAP warranty and non-warranty repairs. We pick up and deliver to save you money.

Do I have to sign a contract with you?

No, we do not believe in long-term binding contracts. Our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. We keep our customers by offering the highest value which means industry leading service at the most competitive pricing. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service, you can leave. We feel proud of our 99.8% customer retention rate.

What do we need to do to switch to The Service Center for medical oxygen cylinder filling?

Typically, it is as simple as agreeing on route day and time and an effective date at which time we will perform our first pickup.

Given that you are several hours away and weather can get bad, how can I be sure that you will make our oxygen cylinder deliveries on time?

We pride ourselves on consistent delivery performance. We have many customers that are between 3 and 5 hours away who need a morning delivery two or three times per week and we have never missed a delivery. In fact, we guarantee on-time delivery! We utilize Ryder Truck and maintain the newest fleet in the industry. If any of our trucks do break down, Ryder will deliver another truck at the breakdown site for us to use ensuring that you receive your delivery.

Is your service really better than the competition?

We do feel that we offer the best service at the most competitive price which has led to our rapid growth and success. This is why we feel we donít feel the need for long-term binding agreements and we maintain a 99.8% customer retention rate. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and reliability. We are also proud to offer the industryís only Cylinder Services Guarantee. We are the only company in the industry to provide 100% cylinder reconciliation.

Do I have to worry about any hidden costs?

No, we do not believe in compliance, surcharge or other hidden fees as is common in the industry.

What Equipment can The Service Center repair?

We have extensive experience repairing all brands of oxygen concentrators and liquid oxygen home stationary and portable units. We have more manufacturer agreements than any other independent service organization in the country.

Do you stand behind your medical equipment repairs?

Yes, we provide a full 90-day warranty on all repairs.

What is your turnaround time on medical equipment repairs?

Our turnaround time is generally 5 business days and we guarantee 10 day turnaround.

Is there a separate pick-up/delivery fee if you are picking up our cylinders and concentrators?

No, we will only charge one delivery/pickup charge regardless of the services being provided. Thus, we are able to leverage our distribution costs so that we can both benefit.

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