New and Used Equipment Sales

With over 450 customers, we receive many customer calls looking for equipment to buy or telling us about excess equipment they want to sell. We do purchase and sell used equipment in an effort to accommodate our customers’ requests. We feel that our extensive customer base provides us a unique “network” leveraging opportunity which we can offer to our customers. Based on what we hear from our customers, our ability to leverage this customer base to buy and sell equipment provides them with a cost effective alternative.

We generally limit our purchasing and sales to respiratory and durable medical equipment which can be used within the Home Medical Equipment industry. As you can imagine, our used inventory is very fluid and turns quickly. To the extent we do not have the equipment for which you are asking, we will perform a search to see if we can find the equipment to meet your needs. In addition, we do carry a limited amount of new equipment to meet customer needs.

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We typically receive calls for the following equipment:

  • Oxygen Cylinders
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Liquid Oxygen Stationary and Portable Units
  • Ventilators
  • Regulators (new)
  • Nebulizers (new)

Benefits of using The Service Center for new and used equipment sales

Extensive Customer Network

Allows us to buy and sell efficiently.


Because of our repair expertise, you can be assured that you are receiving equipment in good working order and patient ready condition.

Cost Effective

We price our equipment to move it quickly.

Timely Delivery

In most cases, we can deliver equipment within 24 hours.

No Delivery or Shipping Cost

No additional costs for normal route deliveries. Since we are already coming to your location, there is no additional charge.


All equipment we sell includes a 90 day warranty.

Call us today at 888.345.0894 to discuss your equipment buying or selling needs.

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