Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance is important to ensure equipment functions properly and patient safety is maintained. Many states have laws that require all equipment in a nursing home to be inspected and certified to be safe and in proper working order.

What is “Preventative Maintenance”? The care and servicing by trained personnel for the purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in satisfactory operating condition by providing for systematic inspection, detection and correction of incipient failures either before they occur of before they develop into major defects. Maintenance, including testes, measurements, adjustments, and parts replacement, performed specifically to reduce faults from occurring.

At The Service Center, we have established preventative maintenance programs with nursing homes so that they can feel comfortable that the equipment is functioning properly, being serviced in accordance with manufacturers specification and the equipment is safe for patient use. Typically, nursing home administrators are asking that we perform preventative maintenance services to the following equipment:

  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Liquid Oxygen Stationary and Portable type units
  • Medication Nebulizers

We have heard and seen that many nursing homes have neglected performing preventative maintenance. Many just don’t have knowledge of the manufacturer requirements. We have also seen that when this equipment is not serviced in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, much of the equipment is not functioning to the proper specifications thus putting patients at risk and increasing the liability exposure to the nursing home.

The Service Center will bring Preventative Maintenance to you!

  • We will set up a maintenance schedule with you. Typically this is every six months.
  • Our trained technician will come to your facility with all necessary testing equipment and parts.
  • Equipment will be tested, Preventative Maintenance will be performed and equipment will be serviced so that it operates in accordance with manufacturer specifications.
  • We will apply a service sticker to all equipment identifying the service date and technician.
  • We will prepare all necessary documentation of equipment serviced including description of item serviced, serial number, service performed, and the name of the service technician. You will receive a copy and we will maintain a copy for our records.

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