Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing

  • In-house DOT approved Hydrostatic Requalification of any cylinder found to be out of date
  • Neck leaks repaired onsite
  • Valves replaced as necessary (New valves will meet the 12/31/03 pressure relief device standards as specified by the U.S. Department of Transportation)
  • Cylinder dome repainted as requested or required
  • Cylinder cleaning as necessary
What is Hydrostatic Testing and why is it important?

Hydrostatic Testing is a nondestructive test procedure used to check cylinders for leaks, structural flaws, durability, and corrosion. It is used to check a cylinder’s structural integrity. Testing consists of enclosing a cylinder filled with water inside a test jacket filled with water. Pressure is then applied internally to the cylinder, causing the cylinder to expand. The total and permanent volumetric expansions of the cylinder are determined by measuring the amount of water displaced by the expansion of the cylinder when under pressure and after the pressure has been released. An external and internal visual inspection of the cylinder is also performed, along with a dead-ring test for steel cylinders.

The Department of Transportation sets forth strict regulations regarding the handling, recharging, and transportation of Hazardous Materials. All cylinders bearing a DOT specification marking must be inspected, retested, and marked in conformance with 49CFR 180 Subpart C.

The Service Center performs in-house Hydrostatic Testing and Cylinder Repairs

In addition to filling oxygen cylinders, The Service Center is proud to offer in-house hydrostatic testing/requalification of cylinders and cylinder repairs. This is unique to the industry since most cylinder fillers currently outsource hydrostatic testing/requalification and cylinder repairs to a third party. We have seen and heard of inherent problems with this standard industry outsourcing approach for hydrostatic testing and cylinder repairs.

Current industry problems resulting from cylinder fillers outsourcing hydrostatic testing

  • Estimated 3% of cylinders are lost
  • Average 6-week turnaround time for testing
  • Inability to reconcile cylinder quantities
  • Significant added cost to companies

At The Service Center, we feel that our customers are best served by us offering a complete line of cylinder services, all of which are performed in-house. By doing this, we are able to fill your cylinders and deliver back the exact quantity that we picked up.

Benefits of using The Service Center to perform hydrostatic testing of cylinders and cylinder repairs

  • We perform DOT approved hydrostatic testing in-house
  • Your cylinders are always in our control
  • Zero lost cylinders – Guaranteed!
  • Average 1-week turnaround/Guaranteed 2 week turnaround
  • 100% cylinder reconciliation
  • You will see a significant cost savings
  • You will receive clean cylinders – Guaranteed!

You can feel confident knowing that we have been performing hydrostatic testing and cylinder repairs for over 7 years, we use state of the art computerized testing equipment from Hydro-Test Products, Inc. and our staff has extensive training and expertise.

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